Our Attractions

europeanrailwaylayoutEuropean Railway Layout

Welcome to Europe the largest HO scale layout on permanent public display in the UK.  This model layout takes you from a detailed model city with its theme park , detailed model buildings, its population many of which you can see performing actions alongside moving cars busses and trucks.  The layout takes you past the castle and the holiday lake out into the mountains. Model trains weave through the city and the mountains where the railways weave into and under the snowy mountain village.  Currently our biggest layout it covers over 800sqft of fully detailed scenery.

japaneserailwaylayoutJapanese Railway Layout

Welcome to Japan the largest N gauge layout on permanent public display in the UK.  This miniature scale model layout has trains weaving around a fully detailed city complete with skyscrapers and a full model coastline.   The layout takes you from the city out into the Japanese countryside with a fully detailed mountainous background complete with a Shinto temple.   Trains of all types pass into and out of the stations including the amazing Bullet trains whizzing along the mile long elevated track that crosses the water outside the little Japanese fishing village.  This layout covers around 260sqft of fully detailed scenery complete with buildings and numerous cars.  People populate the city and 100’s of trees form a spectacular layout in one of model railways smallest scales.

greatbritishlayoutGreat British Layout

Welcome to Great Britain a massive scenic spectacular layout with trains passing through the British countryside over bridges, through tunnels and weaving its way through over 500sqft of OO Gauge model scenery.  It’s not just modern trains travelling via computer control but the freight trains weave under the station and a preserved model railway with its steam trains form a scenic centrepiece.  At around 60ft long the layout is one of the largest modern image layouts in the country all computer controlled allowing the trains to shuffle in and out of the city station and see the freight trains move in and out of the freight yard making for an ever changing display of railway models.  The traditional village forms one end of the layout with its church, pub, cricket pitch and houses forming a tranquil scene that the trains meander their way around.

slotcarlayoutSlot Car Layout

Our fantasy slot car track cuts its way through the dunes with the desert roadway at the bottom two race tracks on the middle level and a high level rally track.  Running under automatic control the layout brings to life slot car racing on a giant scale with loads of cars whizzing around the 400sqft of full modelled scenery including a racetrack complete with pits.  The racing display is accompanied by row upon row of slot cars from all the ages of scalextric including a full display of sport cars from a local collector.  Its unique automatic operation lets you watch the cars speed up and brake for corners without having to pick them up off the floor when you go too fast!

legolayoutLittle Brick World

Something here to thrill both the children and the adults with what can be created with the humble LEGO™ bricks that hurt so much when you stand on them.  This little world of its own is fully populated with cars, building and little figures it also has lots of neat touches such as hidden superheroes and even a Delorean.   It’s not just a city there are cabinets full of themed sets from classic movies such as Star Wars™ laid out in scenes from the movies.  Even sets now deleted make a display covering years of production including the Harry Potter™ collection, Indiana Jones™ and massive models of things like Tower Bridge and even a large scale Batmobile™.  Over 130,000 bricks were used to build this amazing little world all assembled by one collector.

dollsworldDolls World

A stunning collection of dolls houses, scenic displays and work by local artist Sue Wylie who sadly died from cancer in 2014.  Her family approached us to ask if we would be able to house her extensive collection as she hoped it could stay together after she passed away.  Working with her sister Linda and her husband Ian and several friends from local dolls house clubs they put together a fantastic display and a recreation of her workroom of the tools and unfinished projects. This fascinating display of mainly hand made pieces shows the amazing works in miniature that epitomizes the craft of dolls house creation.

vintagetoyworldVintage Toy World

At the heart of every adult is a small child screaming to get out.  Well come and see hundreds of vintage toys from many local collectors lovingly curated into one place. Action Figures, Toys, Games all form a part of our childhood and are here for you to enjoy or try and show your own children what a real toy was before video games changed childhood forever. Come and be a child again for a few minutes and explore this fabulous ever changing collection.

modellingexhibitionModelling Exhibition

The centrepiece of what we want to do is bring the world of modelling and collections of models to a wider audience.  Our modelling display cabinets offer local model makers and collectors a unique opportunity to put on display the beloved collections to the public.  Whatever it is we will try to accommodate it as part of our ever changing and evolving modelling displays throughout the attraction.  We hope you will enjoy this aspect of the modelling hobby whatever happens to be on display when you visit.

Vintage Arcade Machines

Produced by a UK based artist we have collected loads of miniature video arcade cabinets from the 1980’s and so everybody can enjoy a drop of nostalgia we have recreated the vintage arcade experience to allow you to play them.  Come and shoot some space invaders, eat some pac pills or thrash the buttons of track and field and relive the days of classic arcades.  Leg warmers and floppy haircuts are optional.

Vintage Penny Arcade

Back for our 2022 season.Slots of fun or everyone. Our new vintage penny slot machines recreate all the fun of the fair from yesteryear. Suitable for all ages – bags of family fun! Please Note: Vintage pennies are required to play, bags are available to buy from the onsite machines for £1.



Flight and Train Simulators

Become a pilot our simulators, be in the cockpit as you learn to take off and take to the air, and even attempt to perform stunts. Drive trains through the mountains of Canada, explore the vast landscapes and hidden railway lines as you cross the country.

Interactive Thomas Layout

Our new interactive Thomas layout lets you explore the isle of Sodor with Thomas, Percy, James and more. Press the button and watch them drive around the layout.




Interactive Little Engine Drivers Layout

A layout especially for our little visitors, become an engine driver and take control of up to four trains and even race them with your friends. A perfect way to show the kids the fun and excitement to be had with model railways.

Interactive Holland Layout

Travel with us to Holland aboard the modern double decker carriages, where the tulip fields are in full bloom. Cross the border into Belgian and visit the Benedictine Belgian monastery, where the monks are even now brewing their beer for the local festivals.




UK Midlands 1960’s Layout

Take a step back in time to the 1960’s to a period where steam and diesel were the powerhouses of the railway. Join our adventure onboard a steam train as it travels departs from our midlands station, rather around the country and the coast passing a traditional English village and stopping off at the seaside resort of St. Paul’s Cove, join us on the beach or a leisurely round of golf before our train departs and takes us back to the city. On our journey you may even see the ruined abbey now being used as military exercise area. Or the foxes hiding in the bushes as the sound of the trains whistle blows.

UK Scottish Layout

Deep within the Scottish Highlands with rolling hills and farm lands, the pipers play their song as the Queen and Prince Philip arrive at the rural station aboard the royal train.